Malibu C Hair Shampoo

Made in the United States, Malibu C shampoo offers highly targeted hair wellness remedies, with advanced formulations that are free of harmful chemicals, cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

Malibu C hair wellness shampoos

See the full range of Malibu C hair shampoo. Malibu C offers targeted shampoos designed to offer:

  • Hard Water Wellness Shampoo
    Cleanse hair of harsh mineral deposits and restore soft, manageable hair texture.
  • Swimmers’ Wellness Shampoo
    Protect and restore optimal texture after hair is exposed to salts and chemicals in pool and sea water, and prevent hair from discolouring due to chlorine exposure.
  • Colour Wellness Shampoo
    Protect coloured hair from fading and restore moisture and condition to chemically treated hair.
  • Scalp Wellness Shampoo
    Gently cleanse the scalp of accumulated minerals and hair products, and moisturise for optimal condition.
  • Curl Wellness Shampoo
    Hydrate curly hair, reduce frizz and leave the hair soft, shiny and manageable.
  • Blonde Wellness Shampoo
    Protect blonde hair from discolouration and fading, and leave it nourished and easy to manage.

Hair Health & Beauty also offers Malibu C sachet treatments, perfect for in-salon use.

A focus on earth-friendly haircare

Malibu C products are free from sulphates, parabens, gluten, preservative and artificial fragrances. They also feature a patented, crystallised vitamin C complex that supports hair and scalp wellness.

The brand is committed to earth-friendly products, with 100% vegan, plant-derived ingredients and packaging that’s recyclable.

To order Malibu C hair shampoo and other premium haircare products online, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.