Dalon Hair Shampoo

Quality hair and care should be available to everyone. That is Dalon’s mission: to ensure every person has access to premium hair and skin care products at an affordable price. Thorough research and development has created several ranges of problem-solving products for hair, face and body care. This led to the creation of Dalon hair shampoo.

All Dalon products are cultivated and produced in Greece with the strictest manufacturing standards. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in manufacturing, and continuous research of new ingredients, quality and innovation evolve with the hair care industry.

All natural extracts used in the products are cultivated, researched and cared for in Greece to maintain quality control and efficacy. All products are dermatologically tested to ensure maximum gentleness.
Dalon is the new-age choice for ease of use and performance, and is the perfect embodiment of targeted affordability. Try Dalon hair shampoo for your clients.