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You know that top quality shampoo is the first step towards healthy hair and professional colour and styling. We stock the best range of salon quality shampoos in South Africa. Register your trade account with us to start stocking the best professional shampoo.


Showing 1–36 of 222 results

Showing 1–36 of 222 results

Whether your client’s hair needs a gentle, cleansing shampoo or rich, nourishing cleanser, we have what you want. Of course, beautiful hair doesn’t start and end in your salon.

When your clients leave, they need to know the colour and luxurious head of healthy hair will last. Maintenance is key. Educate your clients on the right home-care regimen – starting with the best hair salon cleansers.

Grow your business

Selling a range of professional quality shampoos and conditioners in your salon is a key part of your service offering. If you become a reseller, you can expand your business and offer your clients service beyond the salon.

Choose top brands that you use in your salon from trusted shampoo and conditioner distributors. Hair Health & Beauty is one of the top wholesale salon shampoo and conditioner suppliers in South Africa.

Recommend the right shampoo

Shampoo technology is constantly evolving. There are formulas available to treat all hair types and conditions. There are shampoos available to nourish dryness, diminish frizz, seal split ends, enrich colour, boost dull and limp hair – even treat hair loss.

When your client wants a Brazilian blowout, offer sulphate-free shampoos, such as the Brasil Cacau range, to maintain smoothness for longer. We have a large selection of professional shampoos, so you can recommend the best product for your clients.

Buy the best shampoo online

Running a salon is a full-time job. You work hard, especially at weekends, and deserve down time. There’s no need to drive to an outlet or wait for a sales rep in order to buy wholesale salon shampoo and conditioner.

Simply order online from Hair Health & Beauty, your local bulk shampoo and conditioner suppliers. Take your salon to the next level by offering a wide range of international brands, all conveniently delivered to your door.

Hair Health & Beauty offers a wide range of hair salon shampoo, at the best prices.