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Showing all 21 results

A resurgent treatment now available

Years ago, perms were the treatment of choice for many women. That was the style trend women were looking for – hair full of volume with lots of defined locks. Big hair was in, and everyone wanted to get a perm.

As time went on, the desire for big hair diminished and the new style in high demand became smooth, straight hair. Brazilian treatments exploded in popularity as women sought mirror-like shine and silkiness. However, like any trend of the past, it swings back in popularity. More and more women are looking for that permed look, and this has caught many salons and professionals off guard.

In this category, we have listed all the perm solutions and accessories available. These products will help you expand your services to offer perms for your clients. These are world-class products with premium reputations, letting you get the best results possible.