Superplex Hair Conditioner

Superplex professional conditioners use key ingredients to create a protective treatment that improves the hair’s stability and strength. Their conditioners use a gentle formula to repair frizzy, dull or brittle hair with permanent results.

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Showing all 3 results

Superplex keratin conditioners

Superplex’s keratin range is a bond repairing haircare system that rehabilitates and repairs hair damaged by salon chemicals and excessive use of styling tools. Superplex hair conditioner results in permanently soft, supple and smooth hair.

Triple action Superplex conditioner

Superplex conditioner repairs the hair in three steps. In step 1, the conditioners work deeply to rebuild the hair fibre from within. Step 2, it settles on damaged surface areas to fill and repair. And finally, the conditioners use moisture-binding properties for lasting hydration.

Key ingredients of Superplex

Superplex uses polyamino sugar condensate and keratin amino acids to create a post colour treatment, bleaching and highlighting treatment system. The polyamino sugar condensate is an anti-breakage complex while the keratin amino acids act as a filler to reinforce the hair.

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