Hair Extension Accessories

At Hair Health & Beauty, we offer all the hair extension accessories needed to help you deliver a professional service to your clients. Our hair extension accessories for salons include everything from strand holders to wig sprays, glue sticks to colour swatch rings.


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Showing all 20 results

Extension application tools

Applying hair extensions is a time-consuming process that requires skill and the right tools. Our hair extension accessories supplies make the job a lot easier.

A hair extension caddy can help you wash, style and pack your extensions with ease. A table stand ensures that both hands are free to carefully attach each strand to your client’s hair.

Our high-quality keratin glue sticks closely match any extension colour you choose to apply for a professional finish.

Hair extension aftercare

Maintaining extensions in top condition is essential for client satisfaction. Show your clients the best aftercare products to boost the longevity of their 100% human hair and synthetic extensions. You’ll increase your profits in the process.

Our range of extension-care products includes shampoos, conditioners, shine sprays, wig sprays and leave-in treatments that are specially formulated for professional quality extension care and maintenance.

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Hair Health & Beauty offers a wide range of hair extension accessories online in South Africa, at the best prices.