Hair Salon Gloves

A hair stylist’s hands are their number one asset so protecting them is essential. Disposable hair salon gloves are a must-have, especially when working with harsh chemicals. At Hair Health & Beauty, we stock professional grade disposable gloves for hair stylists.

Hair salon gloves

Every stylist has their preferred type of hair salon gloves. We stock black vinyl gloves, latex-free gloves, powdered or unpowdered gloves, clear gloves and textured gloves for a better grip. They will all keep your hands free of stains or chemical burns.

Hair salon glove supplier

Gloves are used a lot in hair salons especially when working with bleaches and hair colours so having a good supply is essential. You can order them from Hair Health & Beauty. We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.

Wholesale disposable gloves for dying hair

Beauty industry businesses can register a trade account with Hair Health & Beauty to order wholesale disposable gloves for dying hair and other chemical hair treatments. Your account will give you access to our full catalogue of professional hair salon products.