Hair Colour Capes, Aprons & Collars

Capes, aprons and collars are amongst the most essential of hairdressing tools. To make the hair styling process as comfortable and tidy as possible for both the client and the stylist, you must have a good quality cape, collar and apron combo.

Showing 1–36 of 159 results

Showing 1–36 of 159 results

Hairdressing and barber capes

Without a good quality hair colour capes, aprons and collars, getting a haircut would be a very unpleasant experience for your clients. At Hair Health & Beauty, we stock a large range of hairdressing capes and barber capes in different colours, designs and patterns. We also stock disposable hairdressing capes when you need to be extra cautious.

Salon and barber aprons

A barber’s apron is like their utility belt. The apron needs to hold all your most trusted tools while still being practical and comfortable. We stock a range of stylish and functional barber aprons and beauty salon aprons in different materials depending on your needs and preferences. We also stock waterproof aprons.

Hairdressing pinafores, client gowns and kiddie’s capes

If you prefer a pinafore style apron, we also stock those in different fabrics. For beauty salons and spas, we stock customer gowns too for extra comfort. If you work with children, we also have a range of fun kiddie-size capes to put their minds at ease when visiting the hair salon.

Hairdresser’s rubber cutting collar

A hairdressing cape is of little use if hair can still get down the collar. A collar is a must-have when cutting hair. It holds the neck of the cape down and prevents tiny hairs from getting onto your clients’ clothes. We stock a range of different size and shape collars in polyester, silicone and rubber.

Hairdressing apron suppliers

Hair Health & Beauty supplies hairdresser hair colour capes, aprons and collars direct to professional stylists and barbers in South Africa. To order capes, aprons and collars online, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.