Tint Bowls

The right tint bowl makes the colouring process so much easier. At Hair Health & Beauty we have a range of professional tint bowls of different types, shapes and colours. Stylists and colourists are sure to find one to suit their needs.

Showing all 33 results

Showing all 33 results

Wholesale hair colours tint bowls

Every colourist has a preference when it comes to the tint bowl they like to use. We stock tint bowls in various sizes and colours including black ones with handles, silicone, ones with compartments, clear and ones with measuring guides.

Professional mixing choices

We also stock professional tinting kits that include a tint bowl and all the other accessories you need for colouring. We’ve also put together colouring kits that include a useful selection of our products for hair colouring.

Salon tint bowl supplier

Looking for an online whole salon tint bowl supplier in South Africa? Look no further than Hair Health & Beauty. To order online, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.