Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

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Showing all 12 results

Trend Setters

The leader in semi-permanent color is here. Manic Panic have taken the professional world of color by storm with their innovations, brand recognition and acclaimed performance. Simple to use with amazing color shades, they have every color under the sun you could ever need. Manic Panic prides themselves as a considerate brand, proudly displaying their 100% vegan and cruelty-free products for decades. They have dazzled the color world for many years. Time to get in on the hype.

Beginning in 1977, Manic Panic’s vivid rainbow colors dyes were one of the first products to be sold at the bespoke boutique on St. Mark’s Place.

In the 90s, due to heightened demand, distribution of their products expanded tremendously. Since that time, they worked continuously to make sure their formula remains the best on the market by listening to customer feedback and staying ahead of the trends by starting them!

In 2005, Manic Panic introduced the Amplified formula for their dye, further revolutionizing their color. Manic Panic can guarantee that their products are the best on the market as the dyes continue to be tested and quality-controlled by in-house staff, and that all of their ingredients are both Vegan and Cruelty-Free, as accredited by PETA®.

Tested On Celebrities, Not Animals™