Hair Colour Removal Products

Choose top quality hair colour correction products for your salon and give your clients the best colour fixes available. We offer a range of top professional hair colour removal products, pigment removers, dye lifters and colour-correction treatments.


Hair colour remover

As a professional, you’ll have seen many home-colour mishaps in your salon. Luckily, you have the skill – and we have the products – to help your clients. Introducing our range of colour removal products.

If you have a client who needs a colour do-over, you can take out permanent, demi- and semi-permanent shades with the best hair colour remover products available in South Africa. Give your clients the colours they want using professional products that gently remove hair colour without using harsh chemicals.

The best hair dye remover

Stripping hair of colour can damage the cortex, so it’s important to choose a colour removal product that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that exacerbate any damage.

The best hair dye removers are ammonia- and bleach-free solutions that work in as little as 20 minutes to correct colour and tone. These products are so gentle, you can give the client a recolour at the same appointment.

We also offer colour-correcting products to tone down brassy blondes and eliminate warm pigment in grey, white or cool shades.

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Hair Health & Beauty offers a wide range of professional hair colour removal products, at the best prices.