Bioplastia Prepare & Repair

The Bioplastia range is Brazil’s best-selling hair reconstruction range. It includes professional pre-colour and post-colour treatments. These advanced treatments prepare hair prior to colouring – for the best possible results – and restore hair condition after bleaching or colour services.

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Showing all 4 results

Lowell Bioplastia colour prepare & repair

The Lowell Bioplastia colour prepare & repair range includes shampoos and replenishing creams that contain keratin to provide relief to traumatised hair. The range is often referred to as the SOS Hair Rescue System.

Bioplastia products for salons

Bioplastia’s professional hair treatment products restore the lost mass of the hair shaft, completely filling the cortex and sealing the cuticles for protection.

They can be used before or after any chemical treatment, as well as on hair damaged by sun, styling and other factors.

Wholesale Bioplastia supplier

Hair Health & Beauty offers a range of Bioplastia products for salons. This includes Bioplastia’s advanced pre-treatment shampoo, replenishing cream, reconstructive complex and reconstructive home-care shampoo.

To order Bioplastia hair treatment products online, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.