tint me Permanent Hair Colour

Our Italian-made range of tint me permanent hair colour for salons offers exceptional quality at unbeatable prices. Available in South Africa only from Hair Health & Beauty.

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Showing all 18 results

Affordable permanent hair colour for salons

Hair, Health & Beauty created the tint me range to meet the needs of salons for high-quality professional hair colour at low prices.

By eliminating the “middle man”, we’re able to passing significant savings on to professionals.

Best quality permanent hair colour

Produced in Italy by a world-class manufacturer, the tint me range contains only the finest ingredients and pure micro pigments. Ammonia levels are kept as low as possible.

All the top shades at competitive prices

By including only the best-selling professional hair colour shades in the tint me range, we’re able to price our hair tints incredibly competitively.

Compatible with CDC colours

The tint me range is compatible with the full range of CDC colours. Different shades from the two ranges can be safely mixed, for endless colour possibilities.

What sets our tint me range apart

Our tint me range is the best value professional hair colour for sale in South Africa. It also provides superior results.

With tint me, it’s immediately clear to customers – no DIY colour job could ever compete with the results they get from your salon.

Colour is vibrant without being harsh or brassy. Shea butter and other nourishing ingredients leave hair shiny, healthy and beautiful – and the colour is long-lasting.

Hair Health & Beauty offers hair colour in a wide range of popular hair colours, from Intense Naturals, Ash Naturals, Savannah Naturals and Matte Naturals to red, copper, moka, chocolate, grey, violet and more.

All permanent hair colours are available in 100 ml tubes. More than 25 of the top-selling shades are now also available in economical 180 ml tubes.