21 VENTUNO Permanent Hair Colour

We are a wholesale supplier of high-quality, Italian-made 21 VENTUNO Permanent Hair Colour Products.

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Showing all 2 results

The modern permanent colour solution for modern colour clients.

Clients are increasingly hesitant to spend much time in a salon. They are also increasingly more concerned about the ingredients used in colouring products, demanding safer and friendlier ingredients, as well as more compassionate manufacturing. 10minuti Express 21 VENTUNO is the ultra-fast colouring solution for current times, and is perfect for the health and environmentally-conscious client.

A permanent hair colouring kit with three major advantages:

    1. Ultra-fast and non-progressive processing time of 10 minutes, instead of the usual lengthy 40 – 45 minutes
    2. Available in kit form, with everything needed in one box, ideal for use in the salon and/or selling to clients for use at home
    3. Formulated with safety in mind – vegan, free-from usual undesirable ingredients and dermatologically tested for maximum gentleness

An adequate selection of long-lasting shades with perfect and uniform coverage. A range of 16 perfectly calibrated, ultra-fast and non-progressive shades, with lightening up to 4 tones. Unleash the power of concentrated pigments in just 10 minutes. Thoroughly tested both in vivo and in vitro, dermatologically tested to ensure optimal skin tolerability.

Benefits for the salon:

      1. Quicker processing time for accelerated productivity
      2. Colour more clients in a day – colour and style in less than an hour
      3. Covers 100% of white and grey hair
      4. Easy application and non-progressive processing
      5. A trusted, safe and high quality colour system for clients to use at home


Old technology express colours have the flaw of being progressive, where colour continuously darkens if left on for too long. 10minuti Express 21 VENTUNO is non-progressive colour.