Colour Masks & Treatments

Choose hair colour depositing masks and hair masks for coloured hair from leading brands such as Crazy Color, CDC, Kaypro, JOC, BIG Professional and more. All our masks are professional-grade and created by brands that are well-trusted in the hair industry.

Showing 1–36 of 38 results

Showing 1–36 of 38 results

Colour depositing masks

Hair colour masks nourish the hair while giving the hair intense and vibrant shades of colour after washing them out. Some of these deposit pigment on natural or bleached hair while others are designed to augment and give longevity to already colour treated hair.

Hair masks for coloured hair

Other options we stock help colour treated hair retain the new colour for as long as possible and enhance the colour for prolonged vibrancy and shine. They also protect the hair from further damage caused by touch ups or heat styling.

Wholesale treatments

Hair Health & Beauty offers a range of colour depositing masks and hair masks for coloured hair. These are ideal for professional use and as retail items.

To order, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.