Hair Chalk & Glitter

Hair chalk and hair glitter are non-permanent hair pigments, designed to wash out with the next shampoo. We stock Stargazer hair chalk and hair glitter in a range of colours. Stargazer has been making innovative hair colour products in London for over 40 years.

Showing all 2 results

Showing all 2 results

Professional hair chalk

Hair chalk is easy to apply with a sponge to wet or dry hair and results in a vibrant colour that is temporary and comes out easily with the next wash. The lighter the hair the chalk is applied to, the more vibrant the colour will be.

Hair glitter supplier

Hair glitter is also non-permanent and easy to apply with an applicator brush. The glitter is suspended in hair gel so it can be used on any hair, including beards. The hair gel is quick drying with a natural feel. The glitter confetti also ranges in size and colour.

Wholesale hair chalk and hair glitter

Hair Health & Beauty offers professional hair chalk and hair glitter for salons and hair stylists. Ideal for in-sale use or as a retail item.

To order, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.