Italian brand CDC (Compagnia de Colore) specialises in hair colouring and colour care products. Its colouring and lightening products offers outstanding results.

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Showing all 3 results

CDC hair lightening products

At Hair Health & Beauty, we offer some of CDC’s top hair lightening products.

Among the products we offer are CDC dust free bleach powder in white and blue; CDC Perfumed Oxidising Cream in four different strengths; and CDC Universal Colour Activator Peroxide, in two different sizes.

CDC formulations

CDC is known for its on-going innovation, with production based on exclusive patents.

The brand’s bleaching and hair lightening products are fast and easy to use. They’re also carefully formulated to help protect hair, skin and the environment.

Buy CDC products online from Hair Health & Beauty

Buy CDC professional hair lightening products online from Hair Health & Beauty. Simply register a trade account and place an order via our online shop. We’ll deliver to your premises.