Washing Bins

Washing bins are wheeled laundry bins, usually with a metal framework. They’re useful in salons and spas for collecting used towels, facecloths and other laundry items. You can buy professional washing bins for your salon or spa directly from our online store.

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Showing all 2 results

Washing bins with removable bags

Washing bins for hair salons aren’t the same as the laundry hampers most people have at home. These washing bins need to be hardwearing and easy to manoeuvre.

For hair salons and beauty spas, washing bins with removable bags that can be laundered are the way to go.

Washing bins with wheels

As with all salon furniture, washing bins need to be designed for convenience. They should streamline the daily task of collecting used towels and other laundry.

This is why most salons and beauty spas go for wheeled laundry bins with a sturdy metal frame and a removable collection bag made from a durable material. If the frame is collapsible for storage purposes, even better.

Buy washing bins for salons online

You can get washing bins for salons from Hair, Health & Beauty’s online shop. We also stock all the other furniture, tools and supplies your hair salon or beauty spa may need.

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