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Massage tables for sale in South Africa

The right massage table adds a professional look to the massage environment. It keeps the customer completely comfortable and makes it easier for the masseur or health professional to do their job.

A high-quality massage table is vital for any spa or clinical setting where massage is administered.

It’s worth investing in a good table for comfort, ease of use and durability. Poorly constructed tables are more likely to be unstable, uncomfortable and prone to damage due to normal wear and tear.

Massage table features to look for

When reviewing massage tables for sale, consider checking for the following features:

  • easy adjustment by just one person
  • sturdy construction, with no swaying, tilting or other movement when a person sits on it
  • comfortable, high-density foam padding
  • a surface that’s easy to clean and sanitise
  • suitable width for customer comfort
  • holes for side extensions for larger customers

An adjustable back makes it possible to allow customers to sit up, partly recline or lie back, depending on the stage of the massage and/or the body part to be massaged.

The best, ergonomically designed massage tables also have adjustable height. They can be adjusted to suit the height and approach of the person doing the massage.

Hydraulic massage tables can be easily and smoothly adjusted.

Fixed vs. portable massage tables

A fixed table is a possibility if massage is given only in one place. Often, fixed massage tables are the most stylish and luxurious. However, fixed massage tables for sale in South Africa usually cost a bit more.

Portable massage tables can be folded up for easy storage when they’re not in use and for transporting to and from home massage visits.

When choosing a portable table, consider the weight of the table (which shouldn’t be too great).

Also, make sure a portable table is sufficiently wide and well-padded to be comfortable for your customers. Arm extensions may be a good idea.

Products for buying with a massage table

If your business needs a massage table, you might also be interested in our professional massage bed covers and other massage bed accessories, massage creams and massage oils.

Hair Health and Beauty offers a range of professional massage tables online. Choose the massage table that best suits your needs and we’ll deliver to your location.