Manicure Tables

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Showing all 3 results

Manicure tables for sale in South Africa

A professional manicure table, or nail table, provides comfort for clients and beauty professionals. A stylish table with sleek, modern lines can also add to the aesthetic appeal of a salon or spa.

All our manicure tables for sale online include convenient drawers or shelves, for easy storage of nail polishes and manicure tools.

Some of the tables also incorporate manicure table lamps, ensuring nail technicians can see their work properly.

Choosing a professional nail table

When choosing a nail or manicure table in South Africa, consider these factors:

  • size – where will the table be located? Make sure you measure up before buying a manicure table
  • ergonomics – nail technicians may work long hours; a manicure table must be the right height to prevent fatigue and back and leg pain
  • storage space – does the table include drawers or shelves for storing nail supplies and tools so everything technicians need is within reaching distance
  • movement – wheels help if a manicure table may have to be moved around a salon or spa
  • a lamp – will the table be located in a poorly lit area? A built-in lamp ensures that the technician and customer can see the true colour of nail paint, while also reducing eye strain
  • surface – the surface of a nail table must be easy to keep clean
  • durability – high-quality materials help ensure that a manicure table won’t be susceptible to scratches, dings or staining
Useful, additional purchases when buying a manicure table

With a professional manicure table, it’s worth considering a professional manicure table arm rest. This is a cushion the helps ensure comfort for customers and technicians. It prevents a customer’s wrists from pressing against the table edge, and raises the hands for easier access to the nails.

Some other useful investments for salons and spas that offer manicures are our manicure kits, salon stools with wheels – making it easy to move around the client and reach different nails – and nail polish wall organisers.

Hair Health and Beauty offers a range of professional manicure tables online. Choose the nail table that best suits your business needs and we’ll deliver.