Styling Chairs

Styling chairs are the most important pieces of furniture in any salon. Clients sit for most of the time they are at a hairdresser, barbershop or spa. If they’re comfortable, they’re more likely to relax, enjoy their experience and come back.

What are the main factors to consider when buying a salon chair?

Styling chairs in a beauty salon create an important first impression on clients.

Here are five key factors to consider when buying a styling chair.


Salon chairs are the most used pieces of furniture in a beauty salon. It’s better to buy a more expensive piece that will last. Buy a chair with a high-quality cover and a chrome metal base, which is resistant to scratches.


Go for a chair that can accommodate people of different shapes and sizes. The seat should be well-cushioned with high-density foam. The backrest should support the back and arm rests can provide added comfort.


Choose a salon cutting chair with an easy-to-reach hydraulic lift pump so it’s simple for stylists to adjust the seat height, according to the heights of clients.

Easy to clean

Hair and treatment products may splatter or fall onto hair styling chairs. Fabric chairs are difficult to clean. Opt rather for high-quality vinyl that can simply be wiped. Also avoid salon chairs where dirt may get trapped in crevices and along seams.


Mobile chairs with wheels are the most versatile. They can be moved easily if you are changing the configuration of your salon or moving into a new space. They can also be moved out of the way as necessary.

Salon styling chairs for sale, South Africa

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