Hair and beauty professionals do their best work when they are comfortable and able to move around easily.

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Showing all 6 results

Why invest in professional salon stools?

Salon stools – also called hairdressing stools, hair cutting stools or hair stylist stools – are among the most important items of salon furniture.

Good quality salon stools can help stylists, beauticians and nail technicians maintain proper posture, prevent back injuries and move around easily, to provide the best possible service.

They also enhance the professional look of a salon or spa.

How can salon stools improve posture?

Here are some features to look for when choosing a hair stylist stool:

  • a hydraulic base to allow for easy height adjustment
  • wheels to provide maximum mobility
  • ergonomic seat design (such as saddle stools) to provide good lumbar support
  • high density foam cushioning
  • stability to allow for even weight distribution.

What materials are best suited to styling stools?

The materials used in hairdressing or stylist stools are also important. Stools should be easy to clean. They should also be resistant to wear and tear, and to staining due to contact with products used in hair and beauty treatments.

In particular, it is advisable to stay away from fabrics. Rather, opt for a stool made from a high-quality vinyl that can be easily wiped down.

The metal support of a cutting stool for hairdressers should be made of durable materials that look chic. This also helps to hide any scratches caused by general wear and tear.

How to establish the quality of the stool?

A high quality salon stool will cost a bit more. However, in the long-term it will cost you less because it is more durable.

Beware of suppliers who do not offer a warranty, as that may be an indicator of poor quality. Most stylist stools from reputable brands and suppliers offer at least a one-year warranty.

Also consider the aesthetics of your salon, opting for stools that match the look and feel you want to create.

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