Pedicure Stations

A professional pedicure station is a smart investment for any salon or spa that specialises in nail and foot care.

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Often found at luxury spas, resorts and hotels, pedicure chairs are especially designed to facilitate the treatment of feet, from washing and dead skin removal to nail care.

Also available, and a popular option, are combined manicure/pedicure stations, ideal for professional nail treatments and foot treatments.

What features should a quality pedicure station have?

Pedicure stations vary in appearance, but a standard salon pedicure chair normally includes three basic features:

  • a pedicure station chair that allows the client to sit comfortably during treatment
  • a foot spa for soaking, scouring and moisturising the feet
  • a foot rest that supports the client’s foot while technicians treat the feet or toe nails.

Convenient additional features are built-in trays and drawers, for easy access to tools and treatments; leg rests for added comfort; and trolley wheels or castors and wheels, for easy movement of the unit.

What is the right pedicure station for your business?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate pedicure station for your business:

Spatial considerations

The size of your space will help to inform decisions about whether to purchase a large pedicure station that is permanently fixed into the space or plumbing, or a smaller, mobile pedicure chair that can be wheeled away when not in use.


High-end pedicure chairs offer additional features, such as built-in massages, shiatsu and heat technology and soaking tubs. More basic pedicure chairs often come with hydraulic pump lifts to adjust to the client’s height. It is best to get a station that comes with a storage tray for technicians to have easy access to their tools and products.


Plumbed piped-in pedicure chairs are popular because they can be connected directly to the salon’s plumbing system. However, this can result in a build-up of dead skin, bacteria and fungus in the piping, which pose a health risk. Health experts recommend pipe-less pedicure stations, which allows technicians to empty the foot spa manually and clean the spa basin.


Pedicure chairs range vastly in price. The choice of which pedicure station to purchase comes down to the treatments the salon offers. Another consideration is the design of the pedicure station in relation to the establishment and its clientele.


Pedicure stations require maintenance and parts may have to be replaced. It’s better to pay a little more for a chair but be assured that you’ll be able to obtain replacement parts. It’s advisable to purchase an established brand from a reputable supplier.

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