Massage Chairs

The massage chair is the most important piece of furniture in any spa. We stock massage chairs that are guaranteed to give your clients a superb spa experience.

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What to look for in a massage chair

Finding the perfect massage chair for your business can be a challenge. Here’s what to consider.

A padded breathing hole

Clients can spend a long time in a massage chair, so a massage chair with a breathing hole is essential.

A quality breathing hole should be soft and well-padded, leaving your client feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Construction of the frame

Good massage chairs should be lightweight but strong and stable, and should be built to last you a very long time.

The frame should ideally be stable enough to handle a high working weight. That way, clients of all shapes and sizes can be comfortable.

Overall comfort of a massage chair

Whether you’re in need of massage chairs or beauty chairs, comfort is key.

Clients could spend hours in these chairs, so they need to be soft, sturdy and ergonomic. A comfortable client is a client that’s sure to come back.

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