Children’s Salon Chairs

Keep families coming back to your salon again and again with Hair Health & Beauty’s cute, colourful range of children’s salon chairs.

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Choosing kids’ salon chairs

Instead of simply buying a booster seat, give kids something to get excited about with special salon chairs for children.

Bright, colourful and fun, kid-friendly furniture can draw families to your salon. Here’s how to decide on the best ones.

Consider your salon’s aesthetic

Fun furniture is a great way to attract kids (and their parents) to your salon. From superhero-themed to animal-shaped, there are many unique possibilities for children’s hairdressing chairs.

If you’re looking for a couple of kids’ chairs, decide on a theme that works best with your salon’s aesthetic.

Check children’s hairdressing chairs for comfort

What kids look for in a salon might be very visually different to what their parents look for, but the core requirements are the same.

Kids’ hairdressing chairs need to feel as good as they look. When they’re in discomfort and exposed to new social situations (like at a hairdressing salon), kids tend to squirm and fidget. A chair that doesn’t feel good will only make matters it worse.

Consider the chair’s softness, the support it offers for the back and legs and the feel of the fabric.

Quality is key

None of your furniture will experience more friction than kids’ chairs. Because children tend to wriggle, their salon chairs will be more prone to wear and tear.

Durable, good-quality furniture might cost a little extra, but the investment will definitely be worth it in the long run.

At Hair, Health & Beauty, we offer a range of children’s salon chairs. We also offer a full range of salon styling chairs and barber chairs for adults. Simply register your business for a trade account to access our full range of professional hair, health and beauty products.