Complete Basins

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Showing all 4 results

Why choose a complete basin

It’s much less of a hassle to buy a basin with fittings than to buy just the basin and then have to hunt for a suitable mixer/tap and hand shower.

Buying a basin and fittings as a unit can also end up being cheaper than buying these items separately.

Tips for buying salon basins in South Africa

A basin is one of the most-used items in just about any hair salon or barbershop. Basins come in all shapes and designs, and one size doesn’t “fit all”.

Space considerations and basin size

Determine how much space you have available and how many basins you require. This is a good starting point. It may affect the size and type of salon basin you need.

Basin design

The attractiveness of a basin is certainly important, but the design also affects its comfort. A shampooing should be the most relaxing time of a client’s trip to the salon.

Ensure that a basin is ergonomically designed and that the cutouts offer adequate neck support.

It’s also worth purchasing neck cushions for basins, especially for use by elderly clients and others with stiff or sensitive necks and shoulders. A comfortable client is a happy one!

Choosing salon hand showers

A hand shower should be durable and easy for stylists to use. The hose should be long and light enough, and it shouldn’t spray or leak.

At Hair Health & Beauty, we offer a range of stylish, complete salon basins with fittings. We also offer plastic basins with stands and all-in-one washer units. Order online and we’ll deliver directly to your premises.