Basins with Stand

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Our plastic salon basins with stands are lightweight, adjustable and easy to move.

They’re also ideal for use as portable basins.

Increasing numbers of hairdressers, stylists and beauty professionals work from home. Some also travel to the homes of their clients. For this purpose, a plastic basin with a stand is the ideal solution.

Buying salon basins in South Africa: what to consider

Some of the factors to take into account when purchasing a spa or salon basin are:

  • adjustability (tilt and height)
  • durability and ease of cleaning
  • size and weight in relation to where and how it will be used
  • suitability for wheelchair-bound or elderly clients
  • ease of assembly

Advantages of movable salon basins

Even if you work from a fixed salon space, portable pedestal basins have potential advantages over all-in-one washer units or fixed basins.

They’re relatively fuss-free, easy to set up and cheaper than all-in-one washer units.

Other advantages of basins with stands:

  • they take up less space in your salon than fixed all-in-one units
  • they’re easier to transport and reposition
  • they can be adjusted vertically and moved horizontally, to suit each client
  • they’re less expensive than all-in-one basin and chair units

Ceramic vs plastic salon basins

Unsure whether a porcelain basin or plastic is the way to go? Here’s what to consider when making a decision.

Ceramic basins

If you’re looking for a basin with high tensile strength, ceramic is your best bet.

These basins are highly fired and have a low absorption rate. They’re generally scratch- and stain-resistant, and can withstand heat.

Ceramic basins are strong, sturdy and durable. However, they’re also inflexible, heavy and prone to chipping.

Plastic basins

Plastic (or acrylic) basins are less expensive than their ceramic alternatives. They also have the bonus of being fairly scratch- and stain-resistant.

They don’t chip or rust, are lightweight and are easy to maneuvre.

The disadvantage is that plastic salon basics are less durable. They won’t last as long.

At Hair Health & Beauty, we offer a range of affordable salon basins with stands, including portable basins. We also offer all-in-one washer units and complete basins (both ceramic and plastic) with faucets and hand showers already fitted.