All-In-One Washer Units

Salon basin with chair vs. separate basin and chair

A salon basin with an attached chair is also called a shampoo unit or an all-in-one washer unit.

Both all-in-one shampoo stations and free-standing basins have pros and cons.

Advantages of all-in-one salon washer units

All-in-one shampoo stations have these advantages:

  • they tend to be more comfortable and luxurious than freestanding basins with chairs
  • they’re built to be durable
  • you could save on accessories: many all-in-one hair-washing stations already include comfortable arm rests and leg rests
  • the basins tend to be wider and deeper, for easier washing of long hair
  • the chair is stationary – it can’t end up too close to the basin or “jump” because of a client’s sudden movement

A really stylish, all-in-one basin and chair can transform a hair salon or barbershop.

It instantly identifies the nature of your business to passers-by. It can also add classic or contemporary style and a sense of luxury to your premises.

Disadvantages of all-in-one washer units

All-in-one salon basins with chairs are more expensive than freestanding basins with separate salon chairs. They’re also less easy to move or relocate.

You might prefer freestanding or portable basins if the basins must:

  • fit in a fairly small space
  • be easy to reposition
  • be light enough to transport to clients’ premises
  • be inexpensive

Hair Health & Beauty offers a wide range of all-in-one washer units and salon shampoo units for sale in South Africa. We also offer both separate plastic and ceramic basins, and portable basins with stands. Order online and we’ll deliver directly to your premises.