Salon Display Stands

At Hair Health & Beauty, we offer a range of stylish salon product display stands, hair salon display shelves and accessory displays. We also provide contemporary salon workstations.

Hair salon display units

Contemporary hair salon display shelves and cabinets are designed to showcase salon retail products, without taking up a lot of floor space or getting in the way.

With clean, modern lines, they add to salon décor in a way that’s functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

They also make it easy for staff to find and offer specific products to customers, without having to search through crowded, back-store storage areas or cupboards.

With the right salon displays and layouts, customers will be encouraged to buy products whenever they visit your salon.

Salon accessory stands

Along with suitable salon shelving, salon accessory stands can store, organise and showcase accessories, in ways that are practical for staff but have maximum impact on customers.

From nail polish display stands to display units for brushes, these types of salon furniture are a good investment for just about any salon.

As well as various display and accessory stands, we offer a wide range of functional salon trolleys, magazine racks, accessory organisers, trolley trays and more, for presenting and organising hair and beauty tools and products.

Salon workstations

Along with display stands, we offer contemporary salon workstations for sale. Each workstation combines an attractive mirror with a space-saving but functional shelf.

Some workstations incorporate drawers too, to make frequently used items easy for stylists to reach.

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If you’re looking for units for sale in South Africa, look no further than Hair, Health & Beauty.

We’re proud to be the leading supplier for the professional hair and beauty industry in South Africa, with over 11,000 items to choose from – including a wide range of hair salon display units, accessory stands and workstations.