Furniture & Equipment Accessories

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Showing all 35 results

Browse our range of high quality furniture and equipment accessories for your salon or spa. A selection of items that enhance the overall aesthetic of the salon or barbershop while improving comfort, organization and hygiene. Businesses and professionals that require furniture and equipment often do not anticipate the accessories they end up needing as they evolve their business.

Foot rests go a long way in ensuring the comfort of your clients. Resting your feet gives a feeling of relaxation, especially when a client is feeling nervous or on edge before a treatment. It is also a staple for spas when it comes to ensuring tranquility.

Ensuring hygiene is also vitally important. Each client needs to feel safe and protected, and this can only be achieved through staple hygiene processes. This includes covers, disposable materials and liquids for sanitization.

Display stands are also an efficient way of storing product and allowing the client and professional to consult before, during and after a service.

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