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It’s important to have a good pair of salon-quality thinning scissors in your scissor kit. They’re used to alleviate excess weight and bulk, soften lines and blend thick hair. Order online from our large collection of thinning scissors for hair salons.


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Showing 1–36 of 90 results

The best hair thinners

You won’t use thinning scissors (also known as thinning shears) on every haircut, but they’re a vital part of a hairdresser’s tool kit. They’re not used to build shape. Thinning scissors are used to decorate the style, usually towards the end of the cut.

When choosing thinning scissors, quality is key. For clients with curly, dry or colour-treated hair, blunt or badly designed thinners can cause frizziness and steps in the cut.

The main differentiating trait to thinning shears is the number and size of teeth. Some teeth are wider apart; some are spaced closer together.

The number of teeth informs how the thinning scissors are used. Smaller teeth are best used to blend and soften blunt lines. Wider teeth are used to take out unwanted weight in the hair.

Finer tooth trimming scissors are texturising and finishing scissors. Finishing scissors have 15 to 22 teeth. Texturising scissors have about 25 teeth or more.

Trimming scissors with seven to 15 chunky teeth should only be used on extremely thick, heavy hair. Remember, a few snips can go a long way with this tool.

Salon scissor kits

If you’re starting out or it’s time for a complete upgrade, invest in a salon scissor kit. Kits include a pair of high-quality thinners, along with straight cutting scissors and a razor.

For your convenience, kits come pre-packed in cases or pouches to help keep your tools organised. You can also buy a separate pouch or waist belt to conveniently carry your scissors around.

Salon thinning scissors supplier

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