A straight razor is an essential tool in any hairdresser’s or barber’s kit. Browse our selection of high-quality, barber shop straight razors, salon hair razors and eyebrow razors.


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Showing 1–36 of 44 results

Choosing the best razors

Choosing the right razors for your salon or barber shop will depend on what you’re going to use it for.

Straight razors can be used for a close shave, detailing the neck and nape area, around the hairline and for intricate facial hair detailing. They can also be used in place of thinning scissors to remove bulk and add shape and texture.

Salon hair razors

Salon hair razors have a bad reputation among some professionals. Many people believe using a razor causes breakage.

It’s not the razor but the way it’s used that can cause damage. Never use downward motions. This lops off thick pieces of hair. Instead, move the comb slantwise at an angle.

When used correctly, your razor won’t damage your client’s hair. A straight razor is great for softening edges, making a fresh cut appear less choppy, balancing styles and feathering where hair appears heavy.

If you were taught to steer clear of razors, trust your instincts. If a style requires a razor, don’t be afraid to apply your skills.


Our range of eyebrow razors can be used to shape eyebrows or trim soft facial hair. Use shaving creams to protect the skin.


The old school method of shaving with a straight razor is popular again in South Africa. We have a selection of straight shaving barber options for sale. They are great for a close cut and detailing. Essential for trendy salons, as well as barber and beard shops.

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