Water Spray Bottles & Jars

Salon spray bottles are essential tools for hair stylists and barbers. We offer a range of sampling jars, decanting bottles and spray bottles with adjustable nozzles, to meet all salon needs.

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Showing all 36 results

What to look for in salon spray bottles and jars

The ideal salon spray bottles and jars are stylish, utilitarian and robust enough to withstand all-day use. Along with these basics, useful features include adjustable flow and an ergonomic design.

Adjustable spray flow

Adjustable nozzles enable complete control of the spray flow. Spray bottles are available with settings ranging from a fine, sustained mist to a powerful flow.

In the salon context, this is useful for catering to different hair thicknesses and different purposes (from fine-misting hair with water half-way through a cut to drenching it with a product).

Comfortable design

Ergonomically designed hair salon water spray bottles fit snugly in the hand and feature ridged necks or housing for a better grip. These reduce hand fatigue.

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