Salon Armor

Hair, Healthy and Beauty is a wholesale supplier of wearable Salon Armor products. Cuffs are comfortable, durable and made from genuine leather.

Magnetised slots allow for the safe and easy storage of scissors, shears, combs and pins. Salon Armor products are tailor-made for hair salons and hairdressers. Buy online now!

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Showing all 6 results

Accessible tools at all times

As a professional, your range of styling and cutting tools is forever expanding. This is to broaden your treatment options and diversify your offerings. The solution to organisation is Salon Armor.

When you increase your tool count, keeping them accessible during a service becomes an issue. Continuously reaching for a tool on a bench or in a drawer is a waste of time and effort, making the service longer and more laborious.

Salon Armor is the modern solution to make tools more accessible. These are special wrist tool storage solutions that let you attach frequently used tools to the hand so they are easily accessible.

Attach your scissors, thinners, clips, pins, combs and more on your wrist so you never have to reach down to a bench again. Salon Armor is the ultimate hack for any busy professional.