Hair Cutting Accessories

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Showing 1–36 of 393 results

Shop hair cutting accessories

These accessories are important if you want to maintain the performance and integrity of your hair cutting tools. By incorporating them into your daily services, your tools will look and perform better for much longer, and your clients will notice the difference.

First up there is our vast range of capes, aprons and collars. There is something for everyone, with a multitude of colours and styles to suit any salon theme. Keep your clients protected, safe and secure with a premium capes, apron and collar.

It is vitally important to maintain the hygiene of your tools. Interacting with clients all day and cutting hair and skin causes a huge buildup of bacteria on your tools. These hygiene products kill germ buildup and keep tools in working order.

We also stock various other accessories, including bags and pouches, mirrors, stickers, oils and mannequins.