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Showing all 5 results

Brasilian Hair Seduction is a Brazilian aftercare range that is exclusive to South Africa and its market. This range of aftercare products have been created with ingredients and formulations going back to the roots of Brazilian treatment aftercare. Each aftercare product has been created using long established and proven ingredients, formulations and techniques. We stock the full 3 step range for a complete hair straightening and smoothing treatment.

What is Brasilian Hair Seduction?

The use of Brazilian straightening and smoothing treatments in South Africa has exploded in popularity. More and more people want to achieve the silky, super-straight hair look and this is done perfectly with Brazilian treatment products. Brasilian Hair Seduction is the second choice for Brazilian treatments as it offers excellent performance at a low price point. Authentic solutions manufactured and imported from Brazil.

Frizz, Static and Fly-Away Reduction

Ideally suited for Brazilian-treated hair to extend its life and effectiveness for longer and to greatly enhance the hair’s appearance and feel after is has been treated. This range of shampoo, conditioner and masque is everything you need to take your Brazilian treatment to the next level with rich and proven ingredients. Also ideal for those with untreated hair as this hair type will also experience the numerous benefits of the ingredients. This include anti-frizzing, taming fly-aways, reducing static, improving hair texture and moisturizing. Shop the 3 step program here.