Brasilian Hair Seduction Hair Treatments

Brasilian Hair Seduction is an exclusive range of aftercare products, imported from Brazil and made available to the South African market at affordable prices.


What is Brasilian Hair Seduction?

Brasilian Hair Seduction is an exclusive range of aftercare products, designed to extend the effects of professional Brasilian straightening treatments.

The range uses the latest hair straightening technology and ingredients from Brazil. It’s ideal for maintaining sleek hair after a professional keratin treatment.

The products can also be used on their own, to make hair sleek, manageable and frizz-free.

What makes Brasilian Hair Seduction products great?

Brasilian Hair Seduction products are available exclusively in South Africa.

They offer cost-effective access the benefits of the latest Brazilian smoothing technologies, with tried and tested formulations that are trusted by professionals.

With ingredients like keratin, shea butter and argan oil, the products have an intensely nourishing, smoothing effect. They leave hair healthier and stronger, as well as smoother.

Aftercare for Brazilian hair treatments

The popularity of Brazilian hair straightening and smoothing treatments has exploded in South Africa.

Brasilian Hair Seduction products are designed to prolong treatment results, ensuring silky, super-straight hair for longer. They’re ideal for Brazilian hair treatment aftercare.

The products also help subsequent straightening treatments work better and last longer.

An affordable alternative to Brazilian hair treatments

Brasilian Hair Seduction products can be used on their own, as an affordable alternative to Brazilian keratin treatment.

They offer significantly smoother hair, with a marked reduction in frizz and fly-aways.

For clients who can’t afford Brazilian hair treatments, this range offers a cost-effective solution.

Frizz and static reduction with Brasilian Hair Seduction

Brasilian Hair Seduction products are ideal for those with untreated hair that’s frizzy, dry and hard to manage.

This hair type can benefit from the proven smoothing action of these products.

The range tames fly-aways, reduces static, improves hair texture and intensely moisturises the hair.

How Brasilian Hair Seduction products work

Brasilian Hair Seduction products use tried and tested ingredients from Brazil – including keratin and plant oils – to nourish and smooth hair.

The ingredients penetrate the hair, restore moisture and help repair damage.

They also coat each hair strand, reducing frizz and providing protection against humidity and environmental damage.

Brasilian Hair Seduction products

The Brasilian Hair Seduction range includes shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, masques and even a professional, salon-grade titanium flat iron – designed to achieve super-sleek results.