Brasil Cacau Hair Treatments

A range of home and aftercare products from the most popular Brazilian straightening and smoothing brand, Brasil Cacau – for hair that’s sleek, smooth and frizz-free.


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Showing all 22 results

Unsure what a Brazilian hair treatment is or have questions? Make sure to consult our Frequently Asked Questions page. Learn all the do’s and don’ts of Brasil Cacau.
For a full set of instructions regarding how to apply a Brazilian hair treatment, consult our Brasil Cacau Technical Guide.

What are Brasil Cacau Hair Treatments?

Brasil Cacau is the first choice for sleek, smooth hair.

The brand established its reputation with professional Brazilian hair smoothing and straightening treatments.

Now it also offers a range of smoothing and aftercare products. These products combine the latest hair smoothing technology with the moisturising and repairing effects of cocoa butter, keratin and amino acids.

The full range of Brasil Cacau hair treatments is ideal for professional use in salons.

They’re also popular as retail items, with more and more customers seeking Brazilian keratin and smoothing products.

Brazilian straightening kit

Available for professional use only, the Brasil Cacau Brazilian Professional Thermal Kit offers easy, extremely effective hair straightening.

Maintaining Brazilian keratin treatment

Brasil Cacau aftercare products are ideal for use after Brazilian keratin treatment.

They help the treatment last longer, locking in moisture and keeping hair sleek and smooth.

Brasil Cacau for all hair types

Brasil Cacau products are suitable for all hair types, including hair that hasn’t previously been professionally straightened.

The products make hair noticeably sleeker and less frizzy.

They also promote hair health. They add moisture; use keratin to rebuild damaged hair fibres; and protect against damage by sealing the hair cuticle.

Affordable hair straightening products South Africa

The Brasil Cacau range is designed to offer professional results – but at affordable prices.

Best products for perfectly straight hair

Brasil Cacau is one of the most popular choices for straightening and smoothing treatments. Its range of products provides unmatched reduction of frizz, for silky-straight hair that’s easy to style and maintain.

Available in over 70 countries, Brasil Cacau has a trusted reputation worldwide.

Brasil Cacau products South Africa

Hair Health & Beauty is proud to offer Brasil Cacau range of high-quality products to hair and beauty professionals in South Africa.

We offer the full Brasil Cacau Brazilian Professional Thermal Kit, for super-effective, in-salon straightening. We also offer advanced Brasil Cacau hair irons and the complete range of smoothing and straightening aftercare products.