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Showing all 31 results

Brazilian products for sale in South Africa

We offer world-class Brazilian hair treatment smoothing and straightening products in South Africa.

We are the premier suppliers of Brasil Cacau, the best-selling Brazilian thermal treatment and aftercare brand in the country.

We have also launched the Brasilian Hair Seduction range, a more economical brand that also offers excellent results. Brasilian Hair Seduction products are imported straight from Brazil and have quickly become a popular choice with South African salons.

An opportunity for salons

Brazilian keratin hair treatments for hair have exploded in popularity, in South Africa and worldwide. There’s massive demand for straighter, smoother hair. This represents an opportunity for salons.

To boost revenue, salons can:

  • expand their service offering to include professional Brazilian thermal treatments
  • offer customers a range of Brazilian aftercare retail products, for maintaining smooth, sleek results between treatments.

Professional Brazilian treatment kits for salons

Offering professional smoothing and straightening treatments is one of the best ways to increase salon revenue.

To make things easy, we offer an all-in-one, professional Brazilian keratin kit, from Brasil Cacau. We offer in-depth guidance on the service so you can easily add Brazilian thermal treatment (also called keratin treatment) to your daily services. Products in the kit are also available for sale separately.

We also offer the Brasilian Hair Seduction three-step kit, designed for professional use only.

Brazilian aftercare products for salons

Brazilian aftercare products help customers prolong the life of their keratin straightening treatments. They’re ideal retail products for salons to offer clients when they have treatments done.

We offer:

Many of these products are ideal for in-salon use as well as for resale to salon customers. What distinguishes them is simply that they’re available for direct sale to customers, rather than sold for professional use only.

Brazilian treatment supplier

Not sure where to buy Brazilian hair products? Hair Health & Beauty is a leading supplier of Brazilian keratin and straightening products in South Africa.

As a trade-only supplier, we specialise in meeting the needs of salons, hairdressers and other hair and beauty professionals. To order, register a trade account and choose the products you need. We’ll deliver to your premises.