Terractive skin care products are made from 100% natural Canadian marine clay produced when a meteorite fused with the earth in that area 214 million years ago. The clay has highly active properties and is combined with natural ingredients to create cruelty-free luxury skin care.

Terractive skin care products for beauty salons

Terractive skin care products are made in France and are used by professional beauty salons locally and abroad. All the ingredients in their products are guaranteed to be 100% of natural origin.

Wholesale Terractive skin care products

Terractive skin care products are a good choice if you’re looking for natural skin care products for your clients. Their products are paraben-free and guaranteed cruelty-free so they do not harm the environment.

Wholesale Terractive supplier

Hair Health & Beauty offers a range of Terractive facial scrubs, masks and creams at wholesale prices. Simply register your business for a trade account (or sign in if you already have an account) to access our full range of professional hair, health and beauty products.