LOMA Skin Products

LOMA Essentials is a new take on body and skin care. Instead of using cheap, artificial, and potentially harmful ingredients and chemicals like most skin care brands, LOMA has adopted a holistic approach for skin care. Much like their revolutionary hair care formulas, their body and skin products adopt the same philosophy – natural, gentle and pure ingredients and manufacturing only.

LOMA Essentials products contain an incredible number of natural ingredients, and have undergone some of the most strict and controlled production standards possible. This means that anyone can use and love LOMA. There shouldn’t be any worry of irritation or reaction when using skin products, and LOMA has ensured this with LOMA Essentials.

The backbone of LOMA Essentials products is the combination of key ingredients Kale, Carrot and Lemon. This unique combination is highly strengthening, nourishing, moisturizing and protective for the skin. Kale is very nourishing for the skin’s natural microbiome, Carrot is a powerful antioxidant for strong and healthy skin, and Lemon naturally lowers the skin’s pH level to seal in moisture and protect it from environmental elements. These ingredients are the pillars of LOMA Essentials, and stunning product performance is the result. Try LOMA skin products for your clients.