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Showing 1–36 of 61 results

Local Supplier

The Lash Collection, or commonly known as TLC, is a local supplier of all things brows & lashes. They keep track of the latest and hottest trends in the industry, and strive to bring these concepts to South Africa for professionals. This includes lash lifting, lamination, microblading and more.

The best part is the pricing that is catered for local professionals. We do not rely on expensive international brands for access to these products and treatments. This opens up these treatments to a wider audience, so more and more people around the country can experience these treatments.

We do need to mention that TLC stock is not held on site at our premises. They have many SKU options and stocking them all would be quite a challenge. Instead, we specially order product from them for each order, and it is delivered to you on a special, separate invoice. Just ask us for more information if you need!