Danger Jones

A Better Way To Do Colour

Over the last few years, the hair colour industry is fraught with companies primarily focused on cutting costs. Their formulations and packaging are cheapened, and the fun and intrigue about colour fades away.

Danger Jones is not about cutting costs. They are about increasing quality with their premium formulations and elevated packaging. The foundation of the brand was built upon building an artist community in the colour industry. A connected community creates colour like nothing seen before. Colouring should be a fun form of artistic expression, and there is a better way to do it with Danger Jones.



With proper care, and on pre-lightened hair, deep colours can last up to 45 washes, lighter colours up to 25 washes.





Use the Danger Jones color wheel to plan and customize each client service such as cancelling out certain tones or adding warmer color shades for truly unique results.

The Danger Jones difference

Intense pigment

These colours have real guts with a huge concentration of colour for intense results.

Lasting vibrancy

With proper care, deep colours can last up to 45 washes, while lighter colours up to 25 washes.

Flawless consistency

Smooth consistency makes fully saturating hair easier, leading to better results and requiring less product.

Beautiful fade

Colours are formulated to fade to stunning pastels, unlike other brands that look dull and lifeless after a few washes.


Mix and customise an infinite palette of shades for truly personal and unique expression.


Conditioning and detangling formula leaves hair in a better state, ideal conditions for colour to shine through.

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1. Start with clean, dry hair – colours are most vibrant on pre-lightened hair.

2. Section by section, apply colour, saturating hair from roots to ends.

3. Let colour process at room temperature for 35 minutes – no heat required.

4. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and high pressure – no shampoo, but conditioner can be used.

5. Dry and style as needed.


Avoid the following:

hot water exposure

over-using hot tools

clarifying shampoos

co-washes with stripping agents

chlorine and well water

prolonged UV exposure

frequent shampooing

other hair treatments


Danger Jones is different from other brands in terms consistency and vibrancy. The unique creamy viscosity makes it easier to apply and saturate the hair, which also means you use less product to get full coverage. All colours are highly pigmented which gives a bold vibrancy to them. They’re bold, not flimsy.

For maximum longevity, it is recommended to wait 2-4 days after a semi-permanent colour service before shampooing.

For the most vibrant colour results, it is recommended to pre-lighten (bleach) the hair before applying the semi-permanent colours. Use the colour chart on the back of the packaging to help you decide how light to bleach for maximum vibrancy, and to see what colours look best on different hair colour levels. Be sure to fully shampoo and rinse out all the bleach. Any residue left in the hair will compromise your colour results.

No. Danger Jones semi-permanent colours are used straight out of the tubes and applied directly to clean, dry hair.

Yes. All the colours are intermixable for customized colour results. Be creative!

You can use Clear in three ways: First, to add shine, dilute, or to blend from a bright colour into blonde or lighter ends. When using to dilute deeper colours, start with Clear and then slowly add in the deeper colour to pastelize. Secondly, Clear can also be used on its own to give shine and condition on all hair colours and textures. Thirdly, use Clear by itself to create a colour melt transition from a deeper colour into blonde or lighter ends.

Yes, you can add a liquid bond builder to the semi-permanent colours. Follow the mixing instructions of the bond builder.

Yes, the semi-permanent colours can be applied to damp hair. However, keep in mind this may significantly decrease the brightness and colour longevity.

Nothing negative happens. It simply may start to dry and create a soft shell, making it slightly harder to rinse out of the hair.

People ask how long do they last, but it is better to ask “how long do they fade?”…because they’re designed to fade. What makes these colours different is they fade into lighter pastel versions of themselves. Lighter tones can last up to 25 washes.  Deeper tones can last up to 45 washes. This, of course, all depends on application and home care.

To extend the life of your colour, shampoo no more than twice a week using cool water and coluor-safe shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo your scalp/roots only and let the shampoo rinse over the rest of your hair. Dry shampoo is also recommended between washes.

Avoid using hot water, chlorine pools/hot tubs, ocean/lake water, and direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If you use well water, a shower filter will also prevent any mineral deposits in hair which can alter your colour.