Catalogue 2024

It’s here! We know it has been a while, but our latest digital trade catalogue is now available.

There have been some notable changes. Firstly, our product offerings have been thoroughly streamlined. This catalogue is smaller than the previous, yet the most important and popular products have been retained to the best of our ability. Secondly, the number of new products and ranges is at an all-time high. We have worked hard to feature the latest innovations in the industry. Thirdly, this catalogue is only available (for now) in digital form. This may change in the future, but it is exclusively digital at the moment.

We believe this is our greatest catalogue in our history. Great care has been taken to improve its readability, viewing pleasure and ease of navigation.

To maximise the ease of navigating the new catalogue, you have the option to view or download each section individually, or the entire catalogue under one file.

A digital catalogue is easier to navigate across all your devices. Products, SKUs, descriptions and terms are instantly available thanks to the search function.

If you find the process of viewing or downloading overwhelming, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can guide you through the process.

Download the full catalogue

A digital download of the full catalogue is the best way to view and navigate our full products offerings. Please select your preferred resolution option if you have limited download capabilities. We recommend downloading and saving the highest resolution you can. This means you only download it once and you have full access to it on your device at all times.

Each option will direct you to a Dropbox file where it can be viewed and downloaded as needed. To download, click File Download.