Premium Haircare from Italy

The Barex Italiana group is known and loved by many professionals around the country. Their product tree is extensively used in South Africa, with each product line carving out a place in many daily services. This includes brands like Contempora, Superplex and various JOC product sub-groups. Each line fulfills a need in our market, and Barex's high level of product performance and consistent affordability make them an ideal choice for any professional.

We are proud to announce the introduction of another product line of theirs – Olioseta. This brand has been in the international market for many years, and has gained huge popularity around Europe, particularly for consumers in high-end beauty outlets. Olioseta is seen as a premium brand without the premium price like other big-name haircare brands. They are known for their amazing formulations, using ultra-concentrated natural oils in all their products. This makes their products perfect for any hair type and condition. Not only is Olioseta for consumer use at home, they perfectly suit salon use as well. Use them in your daily services and take your level of luxury up a notch. Your clients will instantly know, feel and smell the difference after just once use.