Barbershop Equipment for Sale in South Africa

At Hair Health & Beauty, we offer barbershop equipment and supplies wholesale – for everything you need for your barbershop, at competitive prices and for delivery to your location, anywhere in South Africa.

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Barber supplies in South Africa

Equip your barbershop with quality barber tools, accessories and equipment. Create a stylish, comfortable and efficient work environment that boosts productivity and staff morale.

Liquid lines for barbers

We offer South African salons and barbershops:

  • affordable but professional-quality bulk barber supplies
    Our economical bulk liquid lines include cost-effective bulk shampoos conditioners, masks and hair gels, along with our popular Gents’ tonic – ideal for finishing a session and stimulating the hair and scalp after a cut.

  • premium men’s styling and haircare brands, for retail and in-store use 
    We offer a comprehensive and frequently updated range of all the best men’s styling and hair care products from international manufacturers. These are ideal for both in-salon use and as barbershop retail items – an increasingly important revenue source for South African barbers.

Men’s brushes, scissors and trimmers

Nowhere more than in men’s grooming, the right tools make all the difference.

To cater to the full range of needs, we offer a comprehensive range of professional scissors, thinners, clippers and trimmers. We also supply top-quality men’s brushes, combs, shaving brushes, shaving brush stands and razors.

Premium men’s brands like Wahl and Jaguar and are well-represented among our products.

So too are ranges designed to offer professional quality at entry-level prices.

Barbershop capes and aprons

We offer a selection of quality barber apparel, ranging from bleach-proof barber capes for clients to barber jackets and aprons.

The best barber capes for clients combine durability with comfort. They also come in colours to suit your shop’s aesthetics.

As for barber aprons, they make life better for stylists. They offer protection and comfort, along with plenty of ideal-size pockets for easy stowage of tools.

Barbershop equipment   

Our exclusive range of barbershop equipment includes a wide choice of barber chairs and other furniture – from budget to luxury, designer styles. We also offer barber basins, hair trolleys, display stands, shampoo units and barber stools.

Some of our top barber product brands   

At Hair Health and Beauty, we don’t compromise on quality. We supply high-end products and accessories from top barber brands. Some examples are:

  • 3 Claveles
  • Agadir Men
  • Agiva
  • Beard Club
  • Clubman
  • Jaguar
  • Hairgum
  • MKS eco
  • OSMO
  • Vines Vintage
  • Wahl
  • Woody’s, and more

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