Tondeo Century Slice Classic Thinner, 5.75 inch

Tondeo Century Slice Classic Thinner, 5.75 inch. Classic C-Line design. For the quality-conscious hairdresser with polished facet and hollow grinding for smooth movement and precision cutting. Unalloyed nickel, hardened stainless chrome steel.

Known as one of the world’s leading brands of scissors for more than 80 years. With advanced technology and design, these scissors can achieve unique cuts. Made in Solingen, Germany.

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Symmetrical position of the two finger rings delivers a traditional cutting sensation.




Bright Future. Long History.

Precision from tradition. Innovation with passion.

Tondeo have been living out their passion for over 90 years

Tondeo develop scissors and razors that are unique.

Each product is of a high quality, unique and created through an exciting mixture of master craftsmanship and innovative technology.

Each product is a synergy of scissors design, cutting sensation and personality.

Feel the difference.



Made in Germany. One of the world’s leading brands of scissors. A combination of the latest technology, design and style has created the most modern scissor available in the market. Created using state-of-the-art machines.


Producing tools for hairdressers with character. Created with over 150 working steps, every Tondeo scissor passes strict quality control and will not leave the production site until it meets strict requirements of highly qualified specialists.


Tondeo is a love of perfection and absolute quality in material and workmanship. Every product is created in close cooperation with experienced hairdressers and innovative designers to meet the demands of diverse modern hairdresser needs.


Tondeo – made in Solingen – the town of razors and scissors.


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5.75 inch



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