Pravana Hush Scalp Comfort Solution, 250ml

Clients want it, stylists need it. Quiet the irritation with Hush Scalp Comfort Solution!

Finally a way to end client scalp sensitivity associated with any color and lightening services. Apply Hush directly to the scalp prior to color or lightening services to stop itching and burning. Hush’s ultra-nourishing, patent-pending formula is composed of soothing and natural ingredients like chamomile and is a must to ease sensitive clients and protect the scalp.

Hush allows for longer color or lightener applications so that clients reach the desired lift level without a second process. No mixing required, simply apply Hush directly to the scalp. The use of Hush globally or selectively as a spot treatment will not have an effect on the coloring or lightening process and will not alter the results.

  • Eases sensitive clients
  • Nourishes dry scalps
  • Allows for longer color or lightener applications to reach the desired level without a second process
  • Protects global blondes
  • No mixing necessary, apply Hush directly to the scalp
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Pravana’s full and complete range of continuously evolving and natural after-colour care products rises to meet virtually every beauty need. Pravana is one of the world’s leading and most recognised colour brand and has been setting trends for many years and being able to achieve colour results not seen before in the hair industry. Endorsed by many celebrity stylists and hairdressers, Pravana’s worldwide reach is massive and their colour products have been meticulously researched and produced to keep colour as beautiful, vibrant and radiant for as long as possible.




Trend Setters

Founded in 2004, Pravana brings groundbreaking, cutting-edge products that are revolutionizing the beauty industry, one strand at a time. The brand’s core mission is to provide unparalleled, high performance beauty solutions through a range of carefully-curated, innovative hair care products that are formulated from only the best ingredients available to the beauty industry.




Pravana’s complete range of evolving hair products include are award-winning and internationally recognised for their quality and innovation, establishing themselves as one of the leaders in the world for hair colour. Their collection of aftercare products keep colour looking and feeling amazing.

Pravana’s philosophy goes beyond traditional product creation by redefining personal hair care with a caring commitment towards only the highest quality of product precision, underscored by a responsible approach.

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