Designer Line

Hair Health & Beauty’s range of designer salon chairs, in classic or contemporary styles, give any salon a sleek, sophisticated look and feel.

Why choose designer salon chairs?

Well-constructed, stylish designer line furniture creates an immediate, positive impression. It’s one of the first things that clients notice. The comfort of a designer line salon chair will also add to your customers’ satisfaction.

It looks attractive

It’s no secret that different styling chairs evoke different moods. When it comes to salon décor, furniture is just as important as fittings.

Designer salon furniture, with its clean lines and classic finishes, creates a first impression that lasts.

Designer furniture tends to be simple yet striking, creating an effortlessly sophisticated ambience and making a salon experience all the more memorable.

It’s constructed well

It might be pricier, but designer furniture is built to last. Certain brands are trusted in the industry for a reason. Aside from looking good, they’re solid and durable investments.

Hydraulic salon chairs are especially prone to wear and tear, but designer brands have perfected the art of well-built furniture that will last for years.

It’s comfortable

Clients can spend hours seated in salon chairs. Part of the pampering clients expect during a salon visit is personal comfort.

Designer hairdressing chairs are built with comfort in mind. They’re constructed with high-quality materials and shaped to suit all body types.

At Hair, Health & Beauty, we offer a full range of professional salon and spa furniture and equipment, including salon chairs and waiting chairs, basins, trolleys and more. Order online and we’ll deliver directly to your premises.