The Best Hairdressing Scissors for Professionals in South Africa

best hairdressing scissors

The best hairdressing scissors for professionals truly make work better. They are easy to grip and control. They fit snugly in the hand. They also reduce the stresses and strain caused by hours of cutting, slicing and trimming.

Among the factors to weigh up when choosing professional shears, scissors or thinners are quality, design, blade material and weight.

Straight scissors are typically favoured by barbers. They’re also recommended for hairdressing students learning the trade. Shears with convex blades and offset handles are more versatile, and ideal for a wide range of styling techniques.

The question is, with so many different brands offering scissors in countless styles, shapes and sizes, how do you choose one from the next?

After assessing all the key metrics, we’ve come up with what we believe are the best professional hairdressing scissors – overall, and specifically for barbers, lefties, students and stylists operating on tight South African budgets.

The best professional hairdressing scissors overall

Forged from the finest German steel and featuring a convex blade and ergonomic offset handles, our pick for the best hairdressing scissor overall oozes quality and durability.

The Vision is part of Jaguar’s premier Black Line, which is renowned for its precision craftsmanship. It’s a multipurpose cutting and styling tool with a fine point to add texture to the hair.

What we like:

  • adjustable flat screw
  • highly polished silver finish
  • removable finger rest
  • integrated cutting edge
  • maximised sharpness.

Best hairdressing scissors runner-up

Sleek, shiny and with a slim, rounded design, our runner-up in the best hairdressing scissor for professionals category is as efficient as it is beautiful.

Forged from wear-resistant vanadium steel and featuring an extra-long convex blade with a slim tip, the Zentao is great for performing precise cutting techniques at tight angles. 

The top-of-the-range German scissor, with rounded, ergonomically shaped finger rings and an integrated finger hook, is backed by dozens of positive reviews on major e-marketing channels.  

What we like:

  • unusual sweeping design
  • polished satin surface
  • concealed turn-stop screw
  • handmade
  • long-lasting sharpness
  • finger inserts and a care kit.

Best barbers’ scissors

The Jaguar Black Line and Tondeo Zentao remain our top choices overall, but the aesthetics, lower price point and ergonomic design of these offset scissors make them especially attractive as barbers’ shears.

The Pastell Plus are lightweight, trendy and forged from stainless chromium steel. A classic blade with a flat cutting angle is perfectly suited to slicing.

What we like:

  • tension-adjustable screw system
  • ergonomic design
  • durable black coating
  • finger rings
  • removable finger hook
  • enduring sharpness.

Best left-handed hairdressing scissors

With an integrated cutting edge, convex blade and offset ergonomic design, these scissors are light, sharp and easy to use. They’re an all-in-one cutting and slicing solution for lefties looking for scissors that can pull off complex styling techniques.

Forged from steel tempered at –180 °C, the Gold Line are premium quality offset shears designed to last.

What we like:

  • shiny silver-plated finish
  • finger support surface
  • adjustable screw with adjustment key
  • angled thumb ring
  • care oil and cloth included.

Best budget hairdressing scissors

Spanish manufacturer 3Claveles has been forging quality cutting tools for close to a century – and the Air scissor range is a testament to its skill.

Despite competitive pricing and a flat cutting edge, these classically designed stainless steel shears punch well above their weight.

Ask anyone who has used them and they’ll wax lyrical about their sharpness and longevity – plus the fact that they’re particularly adept at achieving a smooth cut.

The Air is the answer to budget-conscious stylists who need no-nonsense shears that get the job done – again and again.

What we like:

  • classic utilitarian design
  • easy to use
  • suitable for hair and beards
  • resistant to corrosion and wear
  • hot forged
  • low price point.

Best hairdressing scissors for students

This offset scissor may be designed for apprentice hairdressers but it has the full gamut of comfort features – detachable finger rests, ergonomic offset handles and silencer stud.

A semi-convex blade ensures the Diane Snapdragon is a shoo-in for all hair-cutting techniques – point, blunt, slide and slice. Plus, there’s the use of high-quality Japanese steel in the production process. At that price, what more could you possibly want?

What we like:

  • affordable
  • uncompromising quality
  • chrome plated for extra protection
  • great for smooth sharp cutting
  • zinc handles
  • ergonomic.

Best professional hairdressing scissors kit

This is a must-have kit for all left-handed barbers and stylists. A soft, elegant zip-up case in neutral shades contains key tools of the trade – a scissor and thinner with offset handles and razor-sharp convex blades.

Along with advanced ergonomic features, the cutting tools are equipped with silicone silencers and adjustable tensioners.

It’s the perfect kit for everyday use – at the salon and the barbershop or on the run. It’s also a great gift to present to budding cosmetologists specialising in beautifying hair.

What we like:

  • competitive pricing
  • tools made from reinforced steel alloy
  • protection against nickel allergies
  • convenient kit size.

Best premium scissors kit

The two-piece Tondeo Collection is tailor-made for left-handed stylists who go for the good things in life. Everything, from the silver-on-black presentation box to the ergonomically designed cutting tool, is distinctly high-end.

Look inside and the polished molybdenum steel, exaggerated offset handle design and angled thumb rings of both the scissor and thinner affirm the understated quality of the kit.

What we like:

  • slim-line leather carry case
  • care set with oil and cloth
  • setting key for easy tension adjustment
  • wide dagger blades
  • German craftsmanship
  • incomparable presentation.

Our choice of the most beautiful hairdressing scissor

The Jagu-ART line is a stunning combination of Jaguar innovation and floral design. It’s art but this time, high-quality stainless-steel scissors are the canvas.

Choose from four unique designs to express individuality and taste. Exploit the fine workmanship, quality and ergonomic design synonymous with the German grooming brand.

What we like:

  • funky floral designs
  • anti-allergy coating
  • high performance White Line features
  • fun and unique
  • necklace with pendant.

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